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So you’re thinking about getting braces to have a straighter, more aligned smile. That’s terrific! But adjusting to having braces in your mouth will certainly take some getting used to. The good news is that there’s certainly no need to worry, as your teeth will soon adjust, and the discomfort will become less and less. To get you better adjusted to your new normal, we’re happy to share a few tips on how you can still enjoy life with your braces!

Soreness is temporary.

Once you have braces, the mouth and teeth may generally feel sore and sensitive to chewing and biting. A quick solution for this is to rinse your mouth with warm saline mouthwash or water with salt. If the discomfort is severe, you may consider over-the-counter pain medications, such as ibuprofen to alleviate it.

Chewing matters.

Because food is such an integral part of our lives, we totally understand your concern about eating with braces. During the first few days, you may want to stick with soft foods to avoid discomfort and to protect your orthodontic appliance. Orthodontists also suggest that you should avoid foods that are chewy, crunchy or sticky like bagels, chips and gum. Eventually, you will be able to resume your favorite snacks that you’ve missed out on.

Brushing and getting in-between your teeth are vital.

Of course, you will be more obliged to brush and floss your teeth regularly if you have braces. This routine keeps teeth and gums healthy. When you have braces, food particles could easily get stuck on the wires and bacteria could soon accumulate there. Instead of flossing, a Waterpik is used to rid your mouth of food debris that can get stuck, not only in-between your teeth but between your teeth and your braces.

Orthodontics in Houston

We know that adjusting to your braces is not as easy as it sounds, but just think about how improved the appearance and function of your teeth will be when it’s time to remove them! Let Royal Dental provide you with all the available options to address your needs. Call us today at 713-330-7700 to book an appointment with us. Be sure to ask about our special on braces!

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