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The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends bringing your child to the dentist before his/her first birthday. Unfortunately, many don’t see the value of getting a head start on teaching children the importance of taking great care of their teeth.

Although rare, decayed baby teeth may need to be removed prior to permanent teeth coming in. To avoid such treatment, it is important to clean your child’s teeth and gums regularly. Clean your baby’s gums by wiping them with a clean, moist cloth. When teeth start to come in, decay can occur. Avoid this by lightly brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they appear.

At Royal Dental, your child’s first dental visit will include checking the teeth for decay and an examination to look for early developmental challenges, an explanation on how to care for your child’s teeth and of course, to answer any questions or early concerns you may have.

Assuring early oral care is not just to get the kids comfortable with taking an interest in their teeth, but it’s also to prevent cavities.

  • One out of 10 two-year-olds already have one or more cavities.
  • By age three, 28% of children have one or more cavities.
  • By age five, nearly 50% of children have one or more cavities.

For children younger than three years old, clean teeth with fluoride toothpaste in an amount no larger than a grain of rice. Do this twice a day or as directed by a dentist or physician. For children three to six years old, you can increase the amount of toothpaste to a pea-sized amount.  Continue to monitor your child’s teeth brushing twice a day.

As soon as your child has two teeth that touch, you should begin flossing his/her teeth daily. Teach children—at their level—the importance of regular, professional dental visits, and explain to your children that the dentist will help keep their teeth strong and healthy, so they can eat.

How often should I bring my child for a visit to the dentist?

The Royal Dental team recommends bringing your child in a minimum of two times per year.

“It is very important to get your child to visit a dentist early on in life,” says Dr Chrishelle Hemphill, who has more than 15 years of dentistry experience and serves pediatric patients at all Royal Dental offices. “This will allow your child to feel more comfortable with regular dental visits as he or she grows older.”

One of the great ways to explain the first dental visit for your child is to tell him or her Royal Dental is going to check their smile and count their teeth. By keeping it simple and by bringing your child in for regular six-month checkups, your child will enjoy dental visits and will be able to maintain good oral hygiene for years to come.

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